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NASA Researchers Uncover Earth’s Lakes Warming



Using data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and European Space Agency satelittes, NASA researchers reported that the Earth’s largest lakes have warmed during the past 25 years due to climate change.

With an average warming rate of 0.81 degrees Fahrenheit per decade, this warming trend greatly increases at mid- to high-lattitudes of the Northern Hemisphere.

"The results have implications for lake ecosystems, which can be adversely affected by even small water temperature changes," said Philipp Schneider, the NASA researcher and lead author of the study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters this week.

Changes in water temperatures can result in algal blooms that can make a lake toxic to fish or result in the introduction of non-native species that change the lake’s natural ecosystem.

The report said that the data they gathered has matched the data from NASA’s Goddard Institute.  Northern Europe and the Great Lakes in northeastern North America  appear to be warming more quickly than surrounding air temperature.

The study noted that Northern Europe has the largest and most consistent area of warming.  While the trend in Southeastern Europe and in the mid-lattitudes of the Southern Hemisphere were weaker.