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Pacquiao’s reaction on Mayweather’s chopping of woods

Asked what he thinks of Floyd Mayweather chopping of woods, a latest Instagram video which was posted by the American boxer.

Recently Mayweather took  a video of himself chopping wood using an axe. He was supposedly channeling his inner "Rocky Balboa" in training as  as part of his preparation of the superfight against south paw boxer Pacquiao in May.

Pacquiao with good humor said  that Mayweather could be doing some preparation  to cook something, reason of the wood chopping.

“May sasaingin yata siya,” he said in an interview on Bandila. “Baka magluluto siya kaya siya nagsibak ng kahoy.” (Perhaps he will be cooking  rice. Probably  he’s going to cook, that’s why he’s chopping wood.)

On the other hand,  Pacquiao is approaching histhird week of training,  his workout  includes doing 1,300 repetitions of abdominals to strengthen his core.

Pacquiao says his family have not tickets yet when asked about the availability. Reportedly fans are having difficult time to buy since Mayweather  promotions are in control of the release.

The much awaited fight will happen  at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 2.