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Pacquiao says No Free Tickets for friends


Boxing superstar said he can’t give away  free tickets for his upcoming fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight  since the latter’s Mayweather Promotions will be  promoting show, and not Bob Arum’s Top Rank Inc.

According to Pacquiao the tickets are limited because it is expensive. “This time the tickets are limited because they are so expensive and we don’t have the control. Mayweather Promotion is the one in control,” Pacquiao said in Aquiles Zonio’s Philboxing report.

Tickets are not available for sale yet, but reported tha prices are expected to start at $1,000, with ringside seats value of $5,000.

The Boxing champ’s May 2 fight is set to happen at the MGM Grand Arena.


  • Pastor Burt

    I understand why Mayweather has to be the favorite. Mayweather has a perfect unblemished record. But his record was a carefully managed record where he specifically avoided not merely Pacquiao but other fighters which he perceived could defeat him, especially and purposely from southpaws. Mayweather, now at the end of his career, has finally taken this match with Pacquiao, because he realizes that his boxing success in the history of the sport will be discounted and forgotten if he never fights Pacquiao. Mayweather has to fight Pacquiao.

    For Pacquiao, defeating Mayweather is simple and straight forward. What Pacquiao cannot do is merely attack with simply a one punch jab ever. Mayweather is a defensive artist, so that when a boxer throws only the single jab, then Mayweather attacks. Understand what Pacquiao has to do round after round is attack not with the single jab, but with three, four, and five punch combinations. Pacquiao knows this, and Mayweather knows it as well. So long as Pacquiao comes forward works inside negating Mayweather’s five inch reach advantage, plays angels side to side taking advantage with his quicker speed, leads his attacks with combinations, Mayweather will be frustrated because he will not have the chance to get off.

    Mayweather will be able to hit Pacquiao’s body. That will be open to Mayweather the entire match. But Pacquiao’s body is like hitting steal. Mayweather will all too soon realize that attacking Pacquio’s body – as Forman found out attacking Ali’s body – gets him nowhere but lost rounds. Mayweather’s only response will be to grab and clinch Pacquiao immediately, or to run which again loses him rounds. By the eighth round, Mayweather will out of necessity abandon the body attack and go head hunting. Pacquiao is unlike any boxer Mayweather has ever fought. Pacquiao will best Mayweather because (1) Pacquiao is two years younger, (2) Pacquiao’s faster and speed kills, (3) Pacquiao’s stronger, (4) Pacquiao’s a southpaw, (5) and when Pacquiao hits an adversary, those punches – as Oscar Del La Hoya attests to – really really hurt. Pacquiao does not have to knock out Floyd Mayweather to win, but Mayweather has to knock out Pacquiao because he will lose too many rounds otherwise to gain the decision.

    The quality of Pacquiao’s fighting technique has declined as he too has advanced in age. But there is a reason for this. In the beginning, boxing for Pacquiao was everything; life or death. Today, being successful, becoming a serious Christian, elected to Congress, committed to philanthropy, boxing is no longer his whole life. He has a life, a wife, a career, children, while Mayweather is still a poor man only with money. Poor Mayweather. Taking that next fight is not for Pacquiao the challenge it once was and in some cases appears to bore him a bit. But then again, Mayweather has been running from this fight with Pacquiao for a dozen years. This fight for both Pacquiao and Mayweather is like the fountain of youth, and Pacquiao comes to this fight once again carrying the entire Philippian nation on his shoulders. Unless one of them injures themselves in training, both of these fighters are going to come to this fight on May 2nd with enough testosterone and adrenaline to fill and flood the MGM Grand. Again for this fight, both these fighters will be young men again. This fight means everything. This will be a great tactical fight, like none other. The victor, Pacquiao!