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Mayweather challenges Pacquiao for a blood test

floyd mayweather

Just when you thought everything has quiet down, Mayweather opens his mouth again  wanting a  blood test in order to fight with Pacquiao

Roger Mayweather, the trainer and uncle of undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr., insisted that  pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao must agree to a blood test for their much-talked-about fight to finally happen.

“If he takes that test I know we’ll have a fight. But he don’t want that test. That’s the whole key. That means he (Pacquiao) don’t want that money,” said Roger Mayweather in an exclusive interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer recently.

Mayweather clarified, “I’m not saying that Pacquiao is not a good fighter but what I am saying is this. A guy fights with something in him, he ain’t basing that on his skills and ability as a fighter, he’s basing that on something that energizes him to do what the f**k he’s doing.”

Mayweather claimed that “boxing is a healthy sport so if you ain’t doing the right thing, no.”

In addition to that, the trainer believes that  Pacquiao has been fighting with “something in him. How are you going to fight somebody who is taking something? That’s why the fight will never happen anyway.”

When the uncle of Floyd Mayweather was asked if Floyd would fight anybody else if ever Pacquiao fight woud not materialize, the senior Mayweather said he did not know how his nephew felt about boxing now.

“But I hope we do fight Pacquiao so we clear up all this about how good Pacquiao is. All he has to do is take that test.”