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Bob Arum very impressed with Pacquiao

bob arum with pacquiao

Veteran promoter Bob Arum admits that he has seen it all when it comes to boxing  career,  spanning almost half a century and he  believes Manny Pacquiao has become the best fighter of all time.

Arum has worked with huge fighters in the boxing industry like Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran, however none of them, in his opinion, ever dominated with both fists in the manner of the small Filipino southpaw.

"I look at Manny as being the best that I’ve ever seen, including Ali," Arum told Reuters. "Ali was a great fighter and had great, great attributes and it’s really unfair to compare a big guy like Ali with a little guy like Pacquiao.

"But when you look at the skill sets, Pacquiao is faster. Now you could say he is a little guy so he should be faster but Ali essentially had just the right hand. His left hand could jab and everything but it wasn’t power punching."

"His left and right hand hit with equal power and that is what destroys his opponents," the 78-year-old promoter said.

"They train to fight a left-handed guy and they watch out for his left hand but before they know it, they are getting pummelled by the right hand."

Arum speaks fondly of the Philippines’ pride, undeniable fact, Pacquiao’s career statistics are certainly remarkable.

The boxing promoter could not help but admire Pacquiao, not only inside the ring but also his humanitarian ways.