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Teen fighting addiction to Internet cuts own hand

Due to growing rate of China’s youths  addicted to the Internet, psychologist says  he runs a rehab center, or "boot camp," that takes a tough approach to the weaning process, the Telegraph reports (a New York Timesvideo makes the place look like a prison).

For others approach,  they take action on their own. Currently  the case of teen known only as "Little Wang," due to his  effort to stop his addiction opted to  cut off his left hand.

The boy,  19, called a cab to rush him to the hospital last week, leaving a note for his mother saying that  he’d be back soon. He left the hand behind on the nearby bench where he cut it off, the Telegraph notes, however the hospital was able to reattach it. But, he may not recover full control of it, surgeons say. "We cannot accept what has happened. As for his mother, she says that it was totally out of the blue adding that her son was a smart boy.

China is one of several countries struggling  with what the Telegraph labels an addiction "epidemic"; in China, it’s known as wangyin, the New Yorker reported last year. In Taiwan, it built fining systems for parents who allow  their kids in front of their computer for along period.

 Japan, similar with  China, has addiction-fighting camps.

article source:USA TODAY
Original article appeared on Newser