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Photos bought in a garage sale now worths $200 million


Ansel Adams

In Los Angeles California, commercial painter Rick Norsigian learned that photos he bought at a garage sale in year 2000 for $45 dollars now worths more than $200 million.

Norsigian kept the two boxes he bought at a garage sale under his pool table for four years before realizing that it may be valuable.

"When I heard that $200 million, I got a little weak," Nosigian said.

Art forensics experts that teamed up, concluded that the 65 glass plates were photographic negatives created more than 80 years ago by the iconic American photographer Ansel Adams.

The approach used by the team to authenticate the negatives was "to put these negatives on trial," according to Arnold Peter who led the group.

He also added that after six months of study, experts, including a former FBI agent and a US attorney, came in conclusion that the evidence showed conclusive facts that those were the long-lost images of Ansel Adams.

Ansel Adams

The photographs were said to be taken during the early career of Adams, wherein it was a period that was not well documented since a 1937 fire destroyed 5,000 of his plates.

The photographs were taken mostly around Yosemite and California between 1919 and the early 1930s.

The plates which were individually wrapped in newspaper inside deteriorating manila envelopes contained notations by Virginia Adams, the photographer’s wife. Using the samples provided by the Adams’ grandson, handwriting expert Michael Nattenberg and Marcel Matley confirmed that it was indeed Virginia’s handwriting.

The photos will be exhibited in universities and museums starting October at Fresno State University.