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Brands reacts to ‘The Dress’ viral

 the dress

What do you see?

It appears that  netizens remain puzzled  about "the dress" and it has been  more than a day now, debating whether it has the shades are white and gold or blue and black.

In spite of several websites already giving the answer either by contacting  the uploader of the picture  herself, singer Caitlin McNeill, or by asking  scientists to give explanation on   how our eyes and brains see colors in daylight or nighttime.

The hashtag #TheDress remains the top most-talked-about topic on Twitter.

Netizens are still searching for answers, while most opted to make  fun of it, saying that it’ll divide the online world.

Brands even jumped into the wagon creating different  memes.

Meanwhile you may read the article in New York Times for enlightenment.


photo source: screen-grabbed from youtube