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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

Don’t stress, don’t fret. Yes you  have enough days to scout, search  what gift or surprise you would give to your partner, and yet until now, the day before the ‘V’ day you still have none. Actually you can never go wrong with Valentines Day as long as it’s romantic and since it’s supposed to be a Love Day…

But to help you out and to narrow down your ideas here are some ideas to jumpstart your last minute prep.

For Her:

– a bottle of her favorite scent or a scent you want to smell on her
– Fifty Shades of Grey Book or even the complete set
– any personalized stuff from shirts, mugs, pillows etc.
– love note in a bottle
– romantic dinner date

Yet, on top of these, your time is the greatest gift of all. Your lady wants  to be heard and be complimented because she will surely put much time looking amazingly beautiful.


Let’s face it, even boys, men get a knack out receiving something from their laldy love on V day. With some ladies, they tend to be tacky , cheesy and all, but actually men are easy to please. They say that men like hearing  thank you than I love you, ain’t love grand?

– personal accessories like watch, cuff links etc.
-cards, personal message
– personalized stuff, something to be placed  in his bedroom or office table like your picture or your picture together.
-favorite songs compiled in a usb
-men enjoy sweets too..
-out of town getaway

Come to think of it, gift ideas for Valentine’s Day gets crazy because we don’t know what to give at all. Just don’t get confuse it with birthdays and christmas gift ideas. Your gift, cheap or extravagant should have a touch of romance.

Happy Hearts Day!