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Smallest Car in Production Line


The legendary Peel P50 currently holds the record for the smallest automobile to go into production with 54 inches long and just 41 inches wide.

However, Peel P50 has no reverse gear therefore it would be pretty difficult to park and maneuver in very tight places.


Peel P50 design stands as a symbol of automotive minimalism, it has only one headlight, door and powered by a diminutive powerplant.

On the Isle of Man, Peel P50 was originally manufactured in 1960s. It was the

Cyril Cannell the owner of Peel Engineering Company and the serial inventor of Peel P50. He innovate a small commuter car that is capable in travelling at 40mph.

In 1964 fifty Peel P50 was produced. In 2010, Peel Engineering Ltd based in England a newly formed company, started to replicate the Peel P50.

The external design of the newly produced Peel P50 was very similar to the external design of the original, but with major mechanical differences such as suspension, steering and drivetrain.

The car has a fully independent suspension, rack and pinion steering, all wheel braking, an automatic gearbox and 50/50 weight distribution.


The Peel P50 is a single cylinder 49cc 2-stroke engine that makes 4.2bhp at 6,600rpm.


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