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Modifications for the Xbox 360: Smaller and quieter

xbox 360 kinect


Microsoft has launched a smaller, glossier version of the Xbox 360 at E3 press conference.The new design is a small improvement to current models, but vast for gamers. It features several upgrades to the hardware and appearance.

Here are the modifications for the latest Xbox 360:

  •     Larger Harddrive (250 GB)
  •     Quieter (one fan)
  •     Smaller (about 25% smaller than current versions)
  •     Touch buttons (like those on the PS3)
  •     5 USB ports
  •     Black shiny exterior
  •     New configuration for the hard drive and power supply
  •     Additional port for Kinect system

In general, the changes are minimal and mostly for the surface. This is just an upgrade in efficiency and design for the existing.

The system does feature an extra port for easy incorporation with the upcoming controller-free Kinect (due out on November 4th, 2010), but older 360 owners need not worry. Kinect will work with all models. However, Kinect cannot draw power directly from older 360’s and will require an extra power cable.

The new 360 is available now in stores. The price remains $299.99 the same for the new system , and several major retailers have announced a markdown for older models.