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8 Unique and Quirky Traits of a Filipino OFW

It is true what they say: that Filipinos are everywhere these days. There is hardly a country where there are no Filipinos, and why not? These people are so professional and masterful in their craft that the quality of their work comes second to none. It is no surprise that many Filipinos today are landing high-paying jobs abroad. But aside from the appeal of his skill and his work ethic, a typical Filipino OFW has some very interesting quirks that many, especially foreigners, find endearing. Here are just some of them:





1. Filipinos are known for their sunny personality and positive outlook in life. Regardless of the situation, a Pinoy will never fail to find something to be thankful for and happy about. This is especially true for the OFWs, who manage to keep a brave and smiling face despite being away from their families. The joy with which they do their jobs is truly inspiring and infectious.





2. Filipinos are very, very friendly. While this is really not an unusual trait for a person to have, Filipinos just take this to another level. Truly, Pinoys treat each other as family, even those they hardly know. OFWs just give off that warm aura that makes the people around them feel welcome and at ease.





3. Speaking of friendliness, Filipino OFWs are also quite hospitable. Their usual motto to guests seems to be, "what’s mine is yours". When it comes to entertaining guests or even just meeting a new person, Filipinos will simply go out of their way to make sure that that person is pleased. Regardless of the costs or the exhaustion that comes with accommodating guests, a Filipino will just be happy to serve, especially knowing that his guests are happy.





4. Let’s just get this out in the open. Even if an OFW has been living abroad for several years, he will still retain some of the quirkiest mannerisms and habits that Filipinos are generally known to display. This includes nodding the head or lifting the eyebrows to greet an acquaintance, or bringing home several Balikbayan boxes filled with pasalubong from abroad, and using a variety of condiments to spice up a meal. As strange as these habits may be, let’s not forget that these also what makes Filipinos stand out from the rest. And let’s face it, we can’t help but love the Pinoys more for these things.





5. Filipinos love food, and it’s wonderful to see on the news that several Filipino delicacies are now very popular abroad. Of course, OFWs will never fail to share their home-cooked meals with guests and even colleagues. It is in the nature of a Pinoy to share whatever he has with anyone, and food is not an exception, even if it means that he will get to eat less. Aside from this, Filipinos nurture a love for sweet and savory tastes, and meals are never complete without rice. Really, Filipinos are the best teachers on how to enjoy even the simplest of meals.  The race seems to come with a natural relish!





6. Filipinos are quite resourceful and hard-working. They have this ability to make the most out of a limiting variable, and as an OFW, this is a very good thing. Who wouldn’t want to have an employee who can produce so many things, despite restrictions like budget or time? As mentioned before, the professionalism of a Pinoy comes second to none. When it comes to work, no matter the nature of that work, they are able to do it with fire and heart. That kind of dedication is something that cannot easily be found these days.





7. While Filipino OFWs give so much to their work, when it comes to family, nothing else will come first. Family relationships are very important. Family is one of the motivations for an OFW’s drive for work, after all. It is inspiring to see that a Pinoy won’t hesitate to drop everything for the sake of family.





8. Finally, Filipinos are generally peace-loving. They are courteous, and they just don’t like any kind of confrontation. It’s very difficult for Pinoys to deliver, and sometimes receive, bad news, especially if they’re tasked to give the bad news to a friend or a workmate. Regardless of how tough the recipient of the message may be, Filipinos will surely sugarcoat the bad news to make it easier to take. Sometimes, a Pinoy will ask someone else to do this task for him. This is more because of compassion and empathy, and less out of fear. 





Such are the inherent traits of the OFW, who always manages to find the joy in life even while working hard and missing his family back home. All these things makes every OFW out there distinctly and uniquely Pinoy.