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Pinay on death row in Indonesia case still for review


Reportedly, a Filipina is on death row in Indonesia, however, she  was not with the others  set for execution since  her case was still up for judicial review.

Department of Foreign Affairs clarified the issue   after wire reports said that the unidentified Filipina was included in the  eight convicted drug smugglers who would be transferred to a prison island this week for imminent execution.

The  drug smugglers  who were already convicted will be taken to the Nusa Kambangan prison. There, they would face a firing squad, the death penalty of Indonesia.

According to DFA spokesman and Assistant Secretary Charles Jose, the Philippine Embassy in Jakarta, “the Filipino had not been taken away and was still in her prison cell at the Yogyakarta penitentiary.”

“Meanwhile, we are still awaiting the schedule of a hearing of the judicial review we requested,” Jose said in a text message.

The said Filipina came to the country  as a tourist. She  was arrested at the Jakarta airport in 2010 for possession of heroin. The court of Indonesia convicted her of the crime with a death sentence. Her death sentence was recently approved by the Indonesian high court and the Philippine government has requested  for a judicial review of her case.



article source: inquirer