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Old Spice Guy Sends Messages to Celebritweeters: DeGeneres, Kutcher, Seacrest, and Alyssa Milano

old spice

You just can’t get enough of the boss of the bathroom, no other than "The Old Spice Guy!"

Donned only in a white towel but oozing with sexiness, viral video sensational former football player Isaiah Mustafah has filmed almost 100 personalized YouTube answers this week to his Twitter fans.

Even Celebrities with twitter accounts did not escape receiving messages from the spicy ladies man include Ashton Kutcher  and wife Demi Moore, Ellen DeGeneres and Ryan Seacrest. Alyssa Milano was given four videos.

Milano hads replied with her own wet towel version of a video. Normally we’d be thrilled to see the gorgeous Charmed star without clothes on, but her version was exactly the opposite of the Old Spice Guy.


Watch the videos below: