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Vicki Belo Slammed over Charice's Botox procedure


A national boycott is being called by a political activist against all Belo Medical Clinics, Flawless Clinics and Belo beauty products after the controversial cosmetic procedures done on singing sensation Charice.

Laywer Argee Guevarra said cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo should be condemned for doing thermage and Botox procedures on the 18-year-old star.

Guevarra called the procedures as “medical quackery at its ugliest” because  there was no need for Charice to undergo thermage and Botox.

He also criticized Belo for allegedly having no sufficient training to perform and administer the procedures.

“Dr. Belo is neither a duly-certified surgeon recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons nor a duly-certified member of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Heck, Belo is not even a member of the Philippine Dermatological Society. So, what business is she pontificating on anything that has anything to do with plastic surgery procedures?” Guevarra said.

The lawyer added he is also going to request Congress to have an inquiry on how non-qualified and non-certified medical practitioners can wantonly practice and promote themselves as cosmetic surgeons.

“This field of medical practice must be appropriately regulated by the State either through remedial legislation. I also call on the Philippine Regulations Commission through the Board of Medicine to strictly enforce its Code of Ethics which Dr. Belo flouts with utmost impunity,” he added.

Meanwhile, Charice’s camp hasmaintaine that the procedures were done to ease the singer from her muscle pain.

Guevarra is currently facing libel suits from Belo. It started from his Facebook shoutouts against the celebrity doctor.