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Filipino priest arrested in New Jersey for sex abuse charges


Reportedly,  a Pinoy Catholic priest in New Jersey is presently facing  sex abuse allegations following  his August 21 arrest for accusations of molesting a teenage boy.

According to a  report by Catholic News Asia, the Diocese of Trenton got the news about 67-year-old Fr. Romannilo “Nilo” Apura with heavy hearts.

Apura, who hailed  from Borongan City in Eastern Samar, reportedly molested a 16-year-old at the boy’s family home in Trenton, New Jersey earlier this year.

Next encounter reportedly took place  in June when Apura allegedly attempted  to remove the same boy’s pants.

Officials  form the Diocese said  they quickly reported it to  authorities after getting  a complaint which resulted to an investigation.

Suspension was sanctioned to Apura while waiting for the result  of the investigation.

Apura had served at the Point Pleasant Parish since July 2012.

article source: abs cbn news

  • Jun P. Espina

    This global issue of a certain priest molesting a young boy is one strong proof that we don’t need to listen to CBCP or the Catholic bishops or the lower-ranking priests, since they are nothing more than blind leaders who thought they are the path to our better political future. The wicked priests of the kind of Padre Damaso did enslave us for over 400 years during the Spanish era; they were the problem politically at that time and even until now. Their philosophies are bad for the country, namely, anti-birth control; anti-Cha-cha; anti-change; anti-progress; pro-leftist; anti-P-Noy, when the current President has indeed performed well as leader of our people. Their motive is to keep all us in our poverty; hence, they don’t support P-Noy’s good economic performance. For the poorer we are, the better for them to control and manipulate us with their blindness, fanaticism and idolatry. Rizal died because of them.