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Mama Mary wears Louis Vuitton

mama mary

As the movie title goes,  "devil wears Prada", but during a biennial exhibition of sacred art in Italy, a figure of the Virgin Mary is wearing Louis Vuitton. This was reported by local newspaper Il Centro  on Thursday.

The veil by tradition covers the Virgin’s head has the French luxury brand’s trademark "LV" logo in golden letters decorating bags.

Francesco De Molfetta, 31, said his concept in his creation is to "denounce a society based on the cult of appearance through the use of a brand that represents the search for ephemeral happiness."

"This new way of interpreting sacred art is along the lines of the famous work presented (in 1999 in Venice by Maurizio) Cattelan that showed a wax icon depicting Pope John Paul II being crushed by a meteor," the curator of the biennial Giuseppe Bacci told Il Centro.

"It is a way to hit the visitors’ unconscious," he added.

The biennial is held at Isola del Gran Sasso in the central region of Abruzzo.

Milan native De Molfetta’s works have already reached Tokyo, at the T20 contemporary art gallery of Murcia Spain and at the museum of Besancon in France.