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Christians in Canada enraged over giving communion for a dog


Some people in Canada’s Christian community were furious with an Anglican priest  after she gave holy communion to a man and his dog.

An apology was made by Marguerite Rea regarding the incident, which happened last month, however it only prompted anger and offense among some in the country’s Anglican community.

"Communion to a dog is not something that will ever happen to our or any Bible-believing Christian church anywhere in the world," said Cheryl Chang, chancellor of the Anglican Network in Canada.

The said incident took place last month, when Donald Keith, 56, entered St. Peter’s Church in downtown Toronto for the first time, with his four-year-old German Shepherd, Trapper.

Rea, an interim priest at the church, welcomed the two inside. When it was time to give holy communion, Trapper followed his master and to the surprise of many, was allowed to join in the sacred ceremony.

"The whole thing was all very innocent," Keith told the Toronto Star. "And the joy and happiness on the face of one old lady in the front row made it all worthwhile."

As for Rea, she said she had nothing to add to the apology she has already offered to her congregation.

"The incident is done, it’s over and I have no more comment about it," she said. "I am not going to discuss anything about it."

The incident may have prompted smiles from some, but a parishioner was upset enough to file a formal complaint with the Toronto Diocese and leave the church over the communion.