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Pinoy arrested putting ‘semen’ in co-worker’s drink

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In Orange California,  authorities nabbed a 31-year-old Filipino for purportedly sneaking into his co-worker’s office and ejaculating into her water bottle on 2 separate occasions.

Michael Lallana was arrested on Tuesday. Friends and classmates of Lallana confirmed that he is a  Filipino.

Lallana was said to have committed the vulgar acts in January and April of this year.

Based on the district attorney’s report, the unnamed victim felt sick after drinking out of the contaminated water bottle.

A DNA test later confirmed that the water bottle was tainted with Lallana’s semen.

Lallana has been charged with 2 misdemeanor counts of releasing offensive materials in public and assault.

Possible charges of committing a crime for sexual gratification will be faced by the offender. If convicted, he will face a maximum of 3 years of prison and may have to register as a sex offender.

Lallana has since lost his job as a field director for Northwestern Mutual Financial Company.

He is out on bail and set for an arraignment on September 14 in Santa Ana.