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Vizconde promises to reveal all in affidavit to Supreme Court

lauro vizconde

The fight is still on.

Lauro Vizconde  refused to  name the three justices who supposedly told him about Senior Associate Justice Carpio’s attempt to influence other justices to acquit Hubert Webb and five others of the 1991 murders of Vizconde’s wife, Estrellita and his daughters, Carmela and Jennifer.

"I will name them in my affidavit in compliance with the Supreme Court order as soon we receive the documents, bayaan mo munang magturuan sila (let them point fingers at each other first),” Vizconde said in a press conference in Quezon City on Wednesday.

When he was pressed to say something about  the occasion where he got the information, Vizconde said he was told about Carpio’s interest in the case when he made a "courtesy call" in the office of a Supreme Court justice.

He also accused Justice Jose Abad of "conflict of interest.” Abad has a relative working as a lawyer of Carpio’s former law firm, according to Vizconde.

"He should have known better and inhibited from the case due to conflict of interest,” he said.

Vizconde said he had given up hope about getting justice for the deaths of his wife and two daughters, after the Supreme Court denied his motion for reconsideration to reverse the acquittals.

"I have lost hope that I will get justice for the death of my family, but I will not stop in fighting for the justice system, sa kalye na lang ang labanan (the fight will be in the streets), and join the people’s justice movement,” Vizonde said.

"I will continue the fight, not only for my family but also for other victims of injustice,” he said.

In the same forum, he also said the Webb family has sent emissaries in an effort to meet with him.

"I turned them down because I do not like to be accused of maligning them,” he explained.