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Thousands went to Manila for Church organized rally against RH bill

rh bill

Regardless of  the scorching  heat, thousands of Catholic started to gather at  the Quirino Grandstand in Manila past noon Friday to attend a prayer rally and vigil versus the reproductive health bill pending in Congress.

At 6:30 p.m., the crowd ballooned to 20,000, some coming from as far Laguna, went to the area for the prayer rally and vigil— dubbed “Filipinos! United Under God for Life”— organized by the Catholic Church.

In  Manila Archbishop Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales’ homily, he  stressed the sanctity of life as God’s greatest gift to man.

He said, "If life is not given value at any stage, whether as an infant, fetus, elderly, weak or strong, nobody would respect life. Once life loses importance and respect, man will be cheated, abused, lied to and robbed with impunity."

Rosales repeated  the holiness of marriage and sex. He said that the view of teaching children "games" in the form of contraceptives was diminishing life’s value.

"What they should teach is the purity of conscience, cleanliness of the heart, discipline and self-restraint and respect for money that is not theirs," the Manila archbishop pointed out.

To pass the time, the crowd chanted "Obey God’s will. No to RH bill," and said the rosary.