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Sto. Niño Parochial School’s salutatorian interrupted during speech


Reportedly  a video of a student gving a salutatorian speech has gone viral.

A student from Sto. Niño Parochial School in   Quezon City was interrupted by school officials  while she was giving  her graduation speech.

In the uploaded  video  on YouTube, Krisel Mallari, batch salutatorian of the school, was on the middele of her  speech  when the announcer  went up also to the podium interrupting  her, saying "Thank you very much, Ms. Krisel Mallari."

 But Mallari continued with her speech, prompting school authorities to stop  her told her to take a seat.

During the early parts of the speech, a teacher appeared to be giving  Mallari a paper for her to read, instead of what she was using.

After several minutes, she went down the podium and went back to where she was seated.

When Mallari was interviewed with ABS CBN NEWS, she confirmed that she delivered a speech different from what the school authorities that have approved.

She pointed that there is a freedom of speech and she wanted to reveal  cheating incident in school.

"I am Krisel Mallari, a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating," Krisel said, that  would have been her message had she not been halted during the graduation ceremony.