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Senator Santiago slams ‘VIP treatment’ of Pemberton


A the  chair of the Senate foreign relations committee, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago said she will be filing  a resolution discarding the agreement, which she blasted  for leaning toward  the US with regards to the custody over their accused personnel.

Santiago also slammed  what she believed to be a "VIP treatment" for Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton, the US Marine accused of killing Laude.

Pemberton was moved  on Wednesday morning from a US vessel to the Philippine military headquarters where US personnel are assigned to guard  him, Eduardo Oban of the Presidential Commission on the VFA said.

As per  the senator, the situation of the US marine personnel does not mean the Philippines already has custody of Pemberton.

"What strikes me as offensive is although he is in a so-called detention facility, which I think is a van inside of the military camp, he is being guarded by Americans. What for? What is he being guarded for?" she told reporters after the hearing.

"I call that VIP treatment. He arrives by helicopter. He is shielded from the reaction of the public to himself."