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PNoy’s uncle wants him out of office


Earlier, national security adviser of the Arroyo administration Norberto Gonzales confessed  that he was among the group calling on President Aquino to step down. Surprisingly, he was not the only one but the uncle of the president as well.

Also making an admission was former Tarlac Rep. Jose “Peping” Cojuangco Jr., uncle of President Aquino said that he is one of  those pushing for change in the country’s leadership but insisted that the choice  was neither to spark  a coup or a military takeover.

“When we say stepping down of the President, we are talking about regime change. It’s not only him that should step down” but also Vice President Jejomar Binay and other officials, Gonzales seemed to echo Cojuangco.

Days ago during Mamasapano probe. Sen. Miriam Santiago revealed that a rich businessman is plotting a coup against the president. When asked of it, Cojuangco denied it.

“No I’m not because I’m not in favor of a coup. I am against a military takeover. But I am in favor of major reforms or change in leadership, especially in the last crucial 16 months before the 2016 elections.”

article source: inquirer

  • al pepoy

    The uncle of Noynoy rep. Jose Peping Cojuangco is bitter because he could not influence nor don’t have a say in Noynoy’s administration of the government. He wants to have a slice in any government transactions including his wife tinting walis Cojuanco. what they do? Support a coup deta’t against a relative.

  • eagleclaw101


    Lack of basic services, mishandling of governmental affairs and functions, breach of civic order, money problems in massive corruption practically infected all government branches and
    prescription of discriminating justice by the institution of Yellow OMBUDSMAN and SANDIGANBAYAN.

    Evil misfortune and impending setback comes and befalls across the nation in rapid succession as if it foreshadows a great catastrophe is impending unless the Malacanang occupant
    has to step down.

  • Love Bou You

    Stepping down is not the solution.. we have to find the warm bodies undermining this government… Senator Santiago is correct.

  • gmz

    why not help the government? why do they need to pull the government down?

  • tweakthor

    Peping Cojuangco and his wife Tingting, like many relatives of PNoy did not get any favored attention or treatment from this government. They were treated better and wielded real political influence during the time of FVR, Erap & GMA. Ngayun, despite being an UNCLE, their influence is almost ZERO … NADA … KAPUT ! !

    And to top it all, ang kinasasama ng loob ng maraming Cojuangco is the fact that PNoy did not lift a finger to save Hacienda Luisita. If only PNoy intervened, the Hacienda’s future will still be in the hands of the Cojuangco’s. KAYA, HINDI KATAKATAKA … NOT A SURPRISE INDEED na ang mga kamaganak ay nagngingitngit ! ! !

  • alas.kador nga

    there is a bad blood between the was believed that Danding was the one who had Ninoy killed because if Ninoy because president then the Conjaunco’s would had lost Luisita and the coconut monopoly…

    Think about it…Markorakot was in power for 20 years…thats 20 years running unopposed and no one dared challenged him, then not a single piece of land was distributed uner Hacienda Luisita…nada, zero kaputs….so MArkorakot at Peping Cojaunco was partners in CRIME..and BOBONG MARKORAKOT knew all of this but did not do anything