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Phivolcs reported a 5.0 magnitude earthquake in Samar this morning


A 5.0 magnitude earthquake shook Northern Samar in Visayas at 10:19 this morning Philippine time. Phivolcs earthquake information record shows the epicenter at 43kms North west of Catarman, Northern Samar with no aftershock expected.

No damage or casualty has been reported either.

USGS however recorded a 4.8 magnitude of the same report.

Map showing earthquakes



Besides Philippines, USGS recorded 4 other 5 magnitude earthquakes in Asia today.

Two hit Japan this morning. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake at 11:01am, 30kms westsouth west of Koriyama, Honshu, 175 kms north of Tokyo and a 5.1 magnitude at 8:31am 145 km Westsouth west of Naha, Okinawa.

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake recorded at 7:44am 205 kms West of Sibolga, Sumatra, Indonesia.

And a 5.0 magnitude earthquake at 1:33 am in Taiwan. Epicenter was located at 15kms Northnorth east of Hua-lien, 105kms South of Taipei.