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Paris Hilton to visit Philippines because of Manny Pacquiao

Paris Hiltom

Hotel heiress and American socialite Paris Hilton happens to be  a big fan of Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao.

Paris together with her  famous sister Nicky Hilton,  went to MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday (Manila time) to catch  Pacquiao’s fight  with American Shane Mosley.

Paris praised Pacquiao on her Twitter page for being “an incredible fighter” after his victory over Mosley. Pacquiao, 32, won via unanimous decision.

According to Reuters’ report, the Hilton sisters stayed after the bout to go to  the post-fight news conference.

Paris got the chance to   meet the Fighter of the Decade and his wife, Jinkee.

Paris tweeted: “Hanging out with @MannyPacquiao and his beautiful wife Jinkee. They are such a sweet & down to earth couple! Love them! :)”

Jinkee also had her picture taken with the American celebrity.

Paris  had a hard time leaving the media room when Filipino fans mobbed her.

After that encounter, Paris  announced that she is coming to the Philippines this year, and in her agenda is  to visit Pacquiao and his family.

“Wow! Such an honor to be brought on stage by Manny & his wife Jinkee after the fight. Can’t wait to visit them when I go to the Philippines,” she tweeted.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Paris will open a Paris Hilton Beach Club here, however, this has yet to be confirmed.