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OFWs refute POEA’s mandatory insurance scheme



"Enough is enough!" This was declared by the United Filipinos in Hong Kong (UNIFIL-MIGRANTE-HK) for the mandatory insurance scheme implemented by POEA.  This group of migrant workers seek Aquino’s government to act on their plea of exempting them from the said scheme.

They claim that some applicants for overseas employment are already affected by this insurance scheme as the employers add such charge as their fees.

In a news report, Dolores Balladares, chairperson of UNIFIL-MIGRANTE HK, said “the new scheme has much flaws and loopholes. It appears to be a rule that has not been studied thoroughly and was fast-tracked to serve the austerity plan of the Aquino government for the coming months. OFWs were not even consulted if such rule will truly be beneficial and reality points out that is already having negative effects to OFWs.”

She also said that their group will seek its allies and advocates as they push through with their December 12 protest action.

"We shall make sure that PNoy will know our discontent. We aim to break his silence on our concerns and challenge him to make true his promises of changes for us OFWs,” Balladares concluded.

In a separate news, a group of migrant workers in Taiwan also refutes this insurance scheme as OFWs would end up getting paid less than they hope for.

David Chang, head of the Migrante International Taiwan Chapter, said that with the minimum wage in Taiwan, OFW would be left with NT$5436 (equivalent to PhPesos7830) monthly pay.

He suggested that the government should rather look after the OFWs rights protection including the take home pay instead of imposing schemes that reduce their income.

I wonder if POEA is aware that companies abroad have insurance schemes for their employees and for OFWs working as household members, isn’t it humane to bring them to a doctor by their employers for treatment? Rightfully so, the OFWs are burdened with such unnecessary scheme instead of prioritizing their protection of rights.
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  • insurance is a good thing. as it serves protection for you and your family. why don’t you review the said insurance. don’t ever think that such fees are just burden. because in due time you would be able to sow the fruit of your labor.

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