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OFW executed in Riyadh


Reportedly,  an  overseas Filipino worker was executed in Riyadh on Monday who killed his Saudi employer in 2007.

Extending the sad news, Department of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Charles Jose confirmed the news.

"It is with sadness that we confirm the execution of OFW Joven Esteva at 9 am today (Saudi time) in Riyadh,"  said.

Esteva, a family driver, was convicted of murder in 2007 for killing his Saudi employer, as well as injuring his employer’s son.

Jose said despite the Philippine government’s efforts, the victim’s family refused to grant Esteva forgiveness.

Jose added that they have given and supported Esteva, but the family of his employer refusedthe government’s efforts.

"We have provided Mr. Esteva all necessary and appropriate legal and consular assistance, including providing a lawyer, since his arrest in 2007. Regrettably, despite efforts of the Philippine government, the family of victim refused to grant forgiveness," he said.

Earlier, Esteva arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2006, where he began working as a family driver. His employer was a professor at a university in Riyadh, and according to reports he  treated Esteva well.

However, in January 2007, Esteva experienced health problems, including insomnia.  Esteva was sent by his employer to a clinic for a check-up but the results were negative.

Esteva killed his employer in May 2007,  and nearly killed his son.

The court sentenced him to death by beheading after finding him guilty.

  • Wayne Stringer

    Surely it’s time that the Islamist controlled countries ceased their ancient barbaric acts and allowed their religion to evolve instead of remaining as an archaic cult? Perhaps then we wont have so many countries being torn apart by muslim fanaticism.