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NBI begins investigation into Bar exam explosion


bar exam blast

Reportedly, National Bureau of Investigation’s (NBI) bomb squad has started already  on Thursday the probing of the blast that rocked the supposed final day of the Bar exams on September 26.

NBI agents  gathered proofs carefully for possible lead and has  documented the area where the bomb, believed by police to be a World War 2-era grenade, blasted that hurt at least 50 people.

The NBI team created a 3D isometric scanning for a presentation  similar to the investigation during the August 23 Manila hostage crisis.

All the information gathered by NBI will be given  to a special investigative body created by the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said  that the authorities still have  to identify a suspect in the incident.

She added that she’s not crossing out the possibility that the culprits may have been out to cause chaos and did not have any specific target.

Chief Superintendent Roberto Rongavilla, chief of the Manila Police District, thinks the same.

According to him, police have to be very sure if the perpetrators behind the crime are law students.

photo source: demotix