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Muslims begin Ramadan with fasting and prayer


To start  the holy month of Ramadan, Filipino Muslims has started to fast and do their predawn prayers on Wednesday.

Reportedly, in Manila’s Quiapo district, Muslims began their fast at 4 a.m. and went to the Golden Mosque to pray.

Some Muslims who went to the mosque came all the way from  north as San Fernando in La Union province in Northern Luzon.

Earlier, as part of their preparation, the Golden Mosque was repainted and fitted with ceiling fans and other equipment.

Ramadan formally started on Wednesday and will end on September 9.

During the Ramadan,  Muslims who will take part in the sacred event will  offer more prayers than waht they were accustomed and withraw from eating, drinking and sexual activities from sunrise to sunset.

On the other hand, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III asked Filipino Muslims to also offer sacrifice for meaningful change as they started observing the holy month of Ramadan.

“The Filipino nation shares deeply in this Ramadan spirit. As we collectively acknowledge our failure in the stewardship of our people and resources, we must undergo difficult sacrifices. As we heal the wounds of our nation, in justice, each and every one needs to accept his or her shortcomings and resolve to take the straight path," he said.

“For the sacrifices that bring a community closer to one another and to the Almighty bring the promise of grace and abundance," he added.

He added that  it is through sacrifice along with the promise of change that gives Filipinos hope.

"We know that in the new straight path, the Almighty will generously reward us with His bountiful blessings and grace," he said.