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Jason Ivler, wanted by Nevada court

 Jason Ivler, Wanted in Nevada

Manila, Philippines- According to the National Bureau of investigation(NBI), its US counterpart, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sent a letter informing the Philippine authorities that there is an outstanding warrant of arrest for road rage lay suspect Jason Ivler for failure to show in court hearings on a drug related case.

Jason Ivler is wanted by the Nevada Highway Patrol. His case was drug trafficking a controlled substance with intent to sell. Under his possession was a sedative drug called Flunitrazepam. FBI is helpful enough providing us information that explains why Jason Ivler is here. On the contrary to Marlene Aguilar’s statement, the suspect’s mother, that she will ask for US assistance to help Ivler.  US Embassy already stated that they will not coddle Ivler, knowing his status being wanted in US as well.

It was also reported that after Jason Ivler’s recuperation, he will be transferred to Quezon City jail, most likely, his mother will be facing charges in next few days.