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FVR Supports Gibo, in Ruffa's photo

Fidel Ramos


It seems that Former President Fidel V. Ramos is rooting for Lakas standard-bearer Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro,  this was according to former congressman Prospero Pichay in Malacañang on Wednesday.

Pichay based his findings after seeing a photograph which was uploaded by actress and  a solid Teodoro supporter Ruffa Gutierrez on her Twitter page.

The photograph showed Ramos wearing Teodoro’s green campaign baller band.

“I’m sure there’s a big impact considering FVR (Ramos) still has followers in the country,” Pichay said. “I’m sure it’s a big plus to the campaign of Gilbert Teodoro.”

Meanwhile, Pichay said he wishes the former president and Lakas party founder will state his endorsement in no doubtful terms.

Pichay said he appreciates Gutierrez’s efforts to promote Teodoro’s candidacy. The actress has been tweeting constantly about Teodoro.

“She has beauty and brains. If FVR (Ramos) will be a wearing Gibo baller, perhaps this is an indication he’s for Gibo. But he has to announce it publicly,” Pichay said.