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Errors on New Peso Bills

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Graphic department involved with the new-generate banknotes is being slammed  because of the errors discovered.

Philippine maps and a rare parrot with the wrong-colored beak have troubled the country after the central bank rolled out error-filled new editions of its peso bills.

In the 500 peso bill, the reverse side  features a rare native bird, the blue-naped parrot, with its red beak incorrectly rendered in yellow and the tail feathers underneath colored green instead of yellow.
While the map on the P1000 bill along with the portraits of Aquino’s late parents, wrongly positioned Saint Paul’s, a subterranean river that is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site.
"Yes, they have made a very big booboo on the parrot," said Jon Villasper, a cartographer who is also a member of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.
"Aside from that, they misplaced Tubbataha reef by around 400 kilometres and Batanes is not on the map. I believe they also misplaced Saint Paul’s subterranean river," he told AFP by email.
Meanwhile, Central Bank accepted the comments and took it constructively.