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DOH warns public on leptospirosis


Rainy season is fast approaching.  An advisory from the Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday was announced informing  the public to get ready  for leptospirosis as the rainy season enters the country until the end of the year.

According to Dr. Eric Tayag, National Epidemilogy Center director, they are expecting  an increase in the number of  leptospirosis cases until the end of the year due to rains brought by the La Niña phenomenon.

"Sa pagdating ng baha, inaasahang tumaas ulit ang kaso ng leptospirosis," Dr. Tayag said.

What is Leptospirosis?

Leptospirosis is a disease that is transmitted by the urine of infected animals like rats and mice. A person can be infected with the bacteria through an open wound.

Tayag added, children should not be permitter to bathe in dirty flooded areas, which might be contaminated.

Symptoms of leptospirosis are high-grade fever, murky tea-colored urine, and yellowing skin.

Furthermore, Dr. Tayag  appealed to the public to practice  proper solid waste disposal to alleviate flooding.

Meanwhile, Filipinos residing in flooded areas are persuaded to create an evacuation plan to prevent exposure to flood waters.

Hospitals should also be ready to treat leptospirosis.

 Dr. Lyndon Leesuy added that this illness can be easily be treated but can cause death  if neglected.