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CBCP: No Masses next week due to clergy meet


With thousands of priests and members of a clergy set to attend a nationwide gathering in Manila, Filipino Catholics may have to do with no Masses, and other Church services next week.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) quoted Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales as saying that the second National Congress of the Clergy from January 25 to 29 was expected to draw some 8,000 priests and 6,000 clergymen across the country.

"The cancellation of regular Masses also means that weddings and other liturgical rites such as baptisms and confession will also temporarily be suspended so that priests could attend the gathering," the CBCP said on its news site.

Rosales added that Mass schedules in Metro Manila would also be adjusted to allow priests to attend the Congress.

"Those in Metro Manila and nearby provinces will just hold early Masses. In Luzon, some of the priests will be shuttling. For example in Tagaytay, they leave early n the morning and then they leave in the evening," Rosales said.

According to the CBCP, the congress aims to bring the clergy to a deepening of their pastoral commitment through interior renewal.

Rosales also said the cancellation of Masses aims to let people realize priests also have their need for solitude and prayer.

"The reason also is to let the people realize that priests have also their needs. We also need some solitude. We need to pray also," he said.

On the other hand, Rosales said Masses in Metro Manila will also be adjusted for his priests to attend the congress. "Those in Metro Manila and nearby provinces will just hold early Masses," he said.