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Atty. Oliver Lozano’s son murdered another car dealer missing

atty lozano with family

A burnt body discovered by a scavenger in a grassy vacant lot in Barangay Mancatian last Friday afternoon. It was confirmed to be that of the missing son of Marcos loyalist lawyer Oliver Lozano, according to local police.

According to police investigators,  the body of Emerson Lozano, 44, a car trader, was discovered around 1 p.m. last Friday along the anti-lahar megadike in the barangay.

To confirm, police said dentures from the body matched the dental records of the younger Lozano, as given  by the Quezon City police. Investigators could not quickly confirm if the victim was shot first then burned, pending full results of the autopsy.
burnt body of younger lozano
But the  police made a theory  that Lozano might have been killed elsewhere and was sburned at the site where the remains were found. The body was brought to the Galang Funeral Parlor in Angeles City.

Lozano and his driver, Ernani Sensil, 32, were abducted last Jan. 12 at a gas station along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City where they were supposed to meet a buyer of a 2008 Kia Carnival van (plate no. QAE-333) he was selling.

However, both failed to return home that night.

Sensil’s body was discovered charred and with a bullet hole in the head at 6:30 a.m. the following day in Barangay Matayumtayum, La Paz, Tarlac. The body was reportedly 30 percent charred.

Probers from the Quezon City Police District believed that the prospective buyer could have made a different meeting place where the alleged kidnapping took place.

Those interviewed by the police said they did not notice anything irregularities at the supposed time of meeting between Lozano and his clients.

Meanwhile, another car dealer is reported to be missing. Arsenio Evangelista, Venson’s father, said his son was captured by at least four men when he joined two potential buyers for a test drive of a 2009 Toyota Land Cruiser at about 4 p.m. along Sgt. Juan Catolos street in Cubao. The sport utility vehicle (SUV) belongs to the elder Evangelista, which the victim had been assisting to sell.

Evangelista has pleaded to  his son’s kidnappers to free him in exchange for the Cruiser, valued at over P3 million.

“My son’s safety is of utmost importance, his children, the entire family are waiting for his return. I appeal to the suspects to release my son and just keep the car,” he said.

According to Arsenio, his son met two of the kidnappers at their house in Cubao. One of the suspects introduced himself as the buyer, whom he said was a "bading", even wearing ladies’ shoes while the other said claimed  he was a mechanic.

He said his son escorted the two men on a test drive of the SUV (plate no. NAI-316), however, witnesses later said they saw his son and the two men struggling inside the SUV before it sped off towards EDSA.

Arsenio said they tried to call his son’s mobile phone but it had been turned off. He said they have not received any ransom demand from Venson’s kidnappers.

Senior Superintendent Isagani Nerez, PACER commander, said Venson’s case is still classified as a “missing person” incident.

“As of now, he is considered as a missing person as there was no demand for ransom. There was also no contact made with his family. It appears that the suspects were just interested in the car that he was selling. But we are also looking into other possible motives,” he said.

Photo credits: ABS-CBN news