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Arum on Pacquiao-Marquez Fight

bob arum

The upcoming  Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez match  will be determined by their  by boxing skills and  not by the weight.  This was the analysis of  boxing promoter Bob Arum.

Arum  reasoned that  Pacquiao and Marquez are such a good match since  their fighting styles clash.
“Manny Pacquiao is all about aggression,” he said in “He takes the fight to his opponent.”

“That’s why he has so much trouble with Juan Manuel Marquez, who in all the years I’ve been in boxing, is the greatest counter puncher that I’ve seen,” added Arum.

He also laughed  at the impression  that Pacquiao has a bigger  advantage over Marquez in the 144-pound catchweight fight.
Arum said Marquez loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the 144-lb. catchweight has no connection to the November 12 fight.

“Of course Marquez didn’t do well against Mayweather,” Arum said.

“Mayweather is a defensive fighter, maybe even a defensive genius, the worst kind of fighter for a counter puncher. A defensive fighter takes away a counter puncher’s main asset. There’s nothing for him to counter punch and he has to become the aggressor,” he explained.