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Warner Bros drinking glasses contain toxic metals beyond federal limit




 The decorative drinking glasses sold at Warner Brothers Studios were found to have contained between 16 percent and 30.2 percent lead which exceeds far beyond the federal limit on children’s products. 0.03 percent is the limit.

These drinking glasses with comic and movie characters designs were made in China and sold at Warner Brothers Studios store in Burbank.  Designs such as The Wizard of Oz, Superman and others on the surface contain high levels of cadmium as well, a toxic metal.

Coca-Cola started recalling 88,000 glasses upon receipt of AP’s test results last week.

The laboratory tests commissioned by The Associated Press was part of the news organization’s efforts in investigating dangerous metals in children’s products after the bust this summer of Mc Donald’s 12 million Shrek-glasses found with cadmium.

They bought in random glasses off the shelf, online auctions, thrift shops, and flea market.




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