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Thousand of strangers on Facebook crash teen’s birthday party


To be a  sweet 16 almost  ruined the German teen’s party  who used her Facebook account to invite her friends to her birthday party – however overlooked  to uncheck what turned out to be an important option.

Though the girl from North Germany made a Facebook "event" to invite her friends to her party, she did not notice the "Anyone can view and RSVP (public event)" option was checked by default.

"Unfortunately, (the girl’s) invite was sent not only to her connections, but to everyone as a public event," computer security firm Sophos said in a blog post.

Because of this, a "staggering" 15,000 Facebook users had RSVPed for the Friday night party – while some 1,500 people showed up at her parents’ home in Bramfeld, just north of Hamburg, Germany.

The girl’s parents reportedly hired a security firm to help them handle the expected masses, while 100 police officers, some on horseback, were also on hand to help keep the peace.