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Scientists declares discovering the spot of Julius Caesar’s killing

julius ceasar

On Wednesday, archaeologists claimed that  they have found the accurate spot in Rome where Julius Caesar was stabbed to death on March 15, 44 BC.
The murder  of the dictator by Roman senators was put in to record  by ancient historians and was even adapted in stageg by William Shakespeare who gave Caesar the last words: "Et tu Brute? Then fall, Caesar."
Currently, a group from the Spanish National Research Council say they have uncovered evidence that, they believe, reveals precisely where the attack took place.
They say they have found a concrete structure, three meters (10 feet) wide and two metres (nearly seven feet) high, that was erected by his adoptive son and successor, Augustus.
After taking power himself, Augustus instructed the structure be placed exactly over the place where the attack took place to show  condemnation of  the slaying of his father, the scientists said.
"This finding confirms that the general was stabbed right at the bottom of the Curia of Pompey while he was presiding, sitting on a chair, over a meeting of the Senate," the Spanish research council said in a statement.
The Curia of Pompey was a closed space used sometimes for senate meetings at the time.


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