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Reaction on Toyota recall hearing in front of US politicians

Many reactions after Toyota president Mr. Akio Toyoda gives his statement in front of US politicians. As Toyota continues to outgrow the Big 3 American automotive manufacturers, some people, writers, and analysts thinks that the quality issue is becoming a political issue in order to bring back the Big 3 (Ford, GM, Chrysler) on top versus the Japanese automakers who are now leading in rank.

In this video, some say it is due to the bailout and nonsense politics where American cars had more recalls than any other cars in history. Some also say that they traded their Toyota and some markets their new American car.


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Top 2010 carsDespite of the recalls, Toyota still ranked third in Consumer Reports; Honda and Subaru being the top.

Yet, like nothing happened, Prius retained it’s title as Consumer Reports’ top pick for environmentally friendly vehicles two weeks after the automaker recalled 437,000 hybrids to fix a brake software flaw. This is the seventh year Toyota Prius won the honor.

Toyota’s Lexus LS460L was awarded best car overall vehicle among more than 280 autos tested.

 Is quality issue really going political where an opportunity to improve US automotive industry now in question?