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Prince William and Kate Middleton share their wedding guest list

kate middleton and prince william

Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly invited 1,900 guests to their wedding in April, palace officials said Sunday.  The list is a  vast selection of royals, diplomats, family and friends.

Gilded invitations issued in the name of Queen Elizabeth II were sent out by post on Wednesday and Thursday, with the monarch’s EIIR cypher and the text die-stamped in gold.

After their engagement in November, Kate said that marrying into the royal family was "quite a daunting prospect" — and the list of dignitaries who will be attending the wedding ceremony on April 29 is nothing if not daunting.

In a reflection of William’s position as second in line to the British throne, the list includes foreign leaders, church officials, diplomats, royals from across the world as well as their own friends and family.

However, not everyone will can go to  the party after the church service. About 600 people have been invited to a lunchtime reception at Buckingham Palace, hosted by the queen.

At dinnertime,  only  300 has been invited followed by dancing hosted by William’s father Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

Even though  palace officials refused to identify the names, they said that more than 1,000 will come from William and Kate’s family and friends, together with their  friends from St. Andrews University, where the couple met.

Around 50 members of the British royal family have been invited in addition to 40 members of foreign royal families.

80 guests will also come  from Prince William’s charities, which include homelessness charity Centerpoint, the Tusk Trust conservation charity and the Royal Marsden Hospital, where his late mother Diana was also a patron.

Then 200 members of government, parliament and the diplomatic corps, as well as 60 governors-general and prime ministers from Commonwealth countries, and 30 members of the British military will also be attending.