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Pinoys found safe in Haiti

Haiti map

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Filipinos and other foreigners in different sections of Port-au-Prince, Haiti have been reached finally by the relief authorities, giving them relief assistance.

In his latest situation report, 10th Philippine Contingent commander Lt. Col. Lope Dagoy said that an initial census of Filipinos in the Delmas district was conducted. 100 Filipinos were identified and also found to be safe including the two nuns with the ICM sisters of Haiti.

Sizeable number of Filipinos reside in Delmas district in Quest Department of Port-au-Prince.  Last Saturday, community were given rice, sugar, oatmeal and coffee. The relief team is guided by Alan Martinez, treasurer of the Filipino community in Haiti. Fitzgerald Brandt, Philippine Honorary Consul in Haiti is helping coordinate efforts in responding  to the needs of community members. Meanwhile, efforts are also ongoing to rescue Grace Fabian and Geraldine Lalican, who remain trapped under the rubble of the Caribbean Supermarket in Port-au-Prince.

Philippine peacekeeping force kissing his son before going to HaitiThe Philippine Peacekeeping contingent requested the US military office in Haiti to send a team (see picture of Philippine peacekeeping force kissing his son before going to Haiti courtesy of GMA news). 40-person rescue team from us is at the collapsed four-story Caribbean Market and is helping in search and rescue efforts. Extensive efforts to rescue other officials, personnel and affiliated individuals who are still unaccounted, including Filipino UN Peacekeepers Seargents Eustacio Bermudez, Pearly Panangui, and Janice Arocena and Filipino UN civilian staff member Jerome Yap, continue.