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Paul Allen discovers Japan’s WW2 battleship in the Philippines


American philanthropist  Paul Allen  made an announcement of locating  the famous World War II Japanese battleship, the Musashi, after 70 years sunk by US forces.

According to Allen, the vessel was found by his own exploration team using My Octopus.

The reported battleship laid at a depth of more than 1km (3,280ft) on the floor of the Sibuyan Sea off the Philippines.

The Musashi and  the Yamato, were two of the largest battleships ever built.

US warplanes sank the Musashi on 24 October 1944 in the Battle of Leyte Gulf, considered  to be the biggest naval encounter of World War Two in which American and Australian forces defeated the Japanese.

Microsoft co-founder extended his announcement on his official Twitter page showing photos to back up the discovery.

He started his search eight years ago because of his fascination with the World War 2 era.

Presently, Allen is  working on an initiative called Stratolaunch, built to allow "cost-effective" cargo and manned missions to go into space.

In 2004, he introduced  SpaceShipOne, a suborbital air-launched space plane.

Photo source: screen grabbed from Paul Allen’s Twitter Account