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Parents shocked as Philippine school in UAE plans to cut down pupil numbers


Filipino parents residing  in the United Arab Emirates got riled up  over a Philippine school’s decision to reduce the number of its pupils to 650 from 1,200, a news site said Friday.

In the report of Gulf News, the parents have asked the assistance of Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi to check  into the downsizing  of pupil numbers at the Philippine National School (PNS) for school year 2011-2012.

Last month, the school sent a circular to the parents of pupils, atating that  the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) had oredered to trim the number of its learners.

According to ADEC, it would relocate the displaced pupils to other schools to make sure there is no disruption to their education.

UAE authorities are looking into removing villa schools in the UAE such as the PNS because of health and safety reasons, according to the report.

“Villas are not built to be schools, and in this case, serious health and safety issues have given cause to ADEC to issue a letter that will downsize the student population," ADEC said.