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Old Spice man becomes a viral video

old spice video

A new rage on the Web has become a viral video. It’s the Old Spice video uploaded on YouTube. It has been  receiving as many as 55 million views. It turns out to be YouTube’s most viewed sponsored channel of all time.

It all started on Tuesday morning, after Old Spice’s official Twitter page posted a cryptic message: "Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter," it read. "Or maybe the Old Spice man shows up."

The ad, which featured the former football player Isaiah Mustafa, encourages fan questions from across the Internet. The post was entitled "The Old Spice Man Responds To The Internet."

The message has instructions for fans to post their questions online or send them to Twitter, where Mustafa would send his response to the comments that is  most popular. "Then," he told his followers, "look for my incredibly manly and witty and amazing responses."

Reportedly, the former American football star have responded to even casual questions posed to him by Yahoo Answers’ users and even set up a thread on the Reddit link sharing site, answering queries there as well.

Based on certain reports, the world of marketers  are making a study about the ad which will also serve as a case study on how to create a viral hit.