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Nintendo reveals Wii U system

nintendo wii u

Giant video game  company Nintendo  on Tuesday flaunted a prototype gaming system called Wii U, which has a smartphone-like remote control that enables gamers play on two screens at the same time.

Features of the  controller are: touch-sensitive, 6.2-inch screen  similar to an Android phone,  that players can use to zoom in on TV images and to interact with games that show up both on the remote control and on the television.

The Wii U remote can also connect  to the Internet, permitting  users to essentially throw photos or videos from the controller onto the television.

According to Nintendo executives,  the Wii U is just a prototype. They did not give out  details about when the system will be available in stores or how much it will cost. Only one game is officially in the works for the system: "Lego City Stories," which Nintendo is developing in partnership with TT Games, the company said.