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Iowa Dam breaks down

 iowa dam

Reportedly, hundreds of people ran  for safety in eastern Iowa, following the  water spilling downstream  coming from  300-foot-long breach in Lake Delhi Dam Saturday.

David Fink, Lake Delhi dam operation manager, called it “a catastrophic release of water.”

"It’s going to have a hell of a lot of velocity,” he told The Des Moines Register.

The dam, which is located on the Maquoketa River about 45 miles north of Cedar Rapids, failed after massive amounts of rain.

The road on top of the dam broke around 10:30 a.m., and water poured over just before 1pm the newspaper reported.

There were reports that  the water reached the roof space of several homes and businesses in the nearby vicinity. Some reports say the water flooded over railings and onto roads and fields.

Meanwhile, authorities sounded flood warning sirens in nearby Hopkinton, a town of 700 residents, giving them five minutes to ran for safety.

There were no reports of injuries.