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Facebook, going for simplicity as a birthday gift


In its sixth birthday, Facebook is going for simplicity makeover.  The online social network is proud for having a population of 400 million people and now they are changing the look and the feel of its home page. 

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook wrote in his blog that he and his roommates aim to improve people’s lives in significant ways.  Records shows that Facebook’s population grew, that it would make it the third-largest country in the world, behind China but ahead of United States.

Zuckerberg assured the Facebook members, that the changes were minor. They just made the applications and games more accessible, as well as the list of friends who are online.

The Facebook news feed is now divided into categories for top news and most recent posts from friends. This will allow the users to sort what’s new and important to them.  So far, there are no negative reports with regards to changes, Zuckerberg even got positive feedback.

On a final note, Happy birthday Facebook!