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Dunkin’ Donuts get rids of titanium dioxide from donuts


Dunkin’ Donuts is cutting off titanium dioxide from its powdered sugar donuts following the badgering  from a public interest group who debated that  it is not safe to consume it.

Titanium dioxide is applied to make the powdered sugar appear brighter. It is also used in sunscreen and paints.

According to the group As You Sow,  titanium dioxide causes damage in  DNA and chromosomes when consumed.

The decision by Dunkin’ Donuts (DNKN) was earlier revealed by the advocacy group.

The group insists  that titanium dioxide is not regulated or forbidden  by the Food and Drug Administration. However,  As You Sow argues that  information  are lacking in terms of its effects on humans.

"Asbestos, also a nanomaterial, was used before its harms were fully understood, leading to a costly health crisis," the group said.

On the other hand, Dunkin’ Donuts said  that titanium dioxide "does not meet the definition of ‘nanomaterial’ as outlined under FDA guidance." But the company will be  making the change to discard  the chemical from its donuts.